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Exceptional Drivers. Exceptional Equipment.

With Nova Lines, expect nothing but a fleet of top of the line and well maintained equipment that is always ready to go. Get behind the wheel of our up to date well maintained trucks and enjoy the comfort of the ride and feel the power of the best motors in the industry.

Our trucks and equipment are selected keeping the driver in mind, delivering reliable performance every day of the week. With Nova Lines equipment, you know you are safe and in control. Let’s drive to your success.

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ParkSmart HVAC

Nova Lines aims for unparalleled efficiency and driver comfort and that is exactly why our Freightliner Cascadia trucks come with the built-in ParkSmart HVAC which is an integrated auxiliary comfort system. Especially designed for the sleeper, it consists of a diesel based heater as well as electrically powered AC compressor.

This innovative solution replaces conventional auxiliary HVAC units as its modern and seamless engineering allows it to operate even with the truck engine turned off. Drawing power from the secondary batteries or an alternator, it regulates the sleeper temperature without any need for extra ducting or condensers. Our ParkSmart HVAC can go up to 10 hours when the engine is off.

Top of the line Freightliner Cascadias bring performance and flexibility

With DD15 motors, our equipment delivers when it matters most

Meticulously maintained to bring Grade-A performance

Fitted with ParkSmart unit HVAC system for idle free trucking

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Equipment FAQs

How are mileage contractors different from the percentage contractors?

Mileage contractors obviously earn on the basis of miles driven both loaded and empty and are paid according to that while percentage contractors are paid a set percentage of what is billed to the customer. In the end it is up to you to decide.

Does Nova Lines provide securement equipment to contractors?

We have a complete inventory of equipment needed to secure freight to your trailer. The type of contractor that you choose to be will determine if there is a direct cost to you for the equipment. We will disclose that cost upon your decision.

What is Nova Lines’ home time policy?

As an owner-operator, you choose your routes and distances that allow you to balance your personal and professional lives. Our pool of most successful contractors chooses to go home at least once in every 2 to 3 weeks.

Does Nova Line offer a lease purchase program?

Absolutely! Nova Lines offers a flexible and driver-friendly lease purchase program to qualified candidates enabling them to move towards self-employment and gain financial independence.

How long is the average lease term?

Depending on the life of the truck and driver’s requirements, our average lease terms range anywhere between 3 and 5 years. This gives truck drivers enough time to pay out their lease while making a decent revenue.

What types of trucks are available for lease?

At Nova Lines, we try to deliver our truck drivers the ideal balance of price and performance. This is why the majority of our fleet consists of 2018 – 2022 Freightliner Cascadia vehicles with some 2016 models as well.

What kind of engines do you use in your trucks?

Nova Lines is completely devoted to delivering value to its customers and that’s why we use Detroit Diesel engines which provide a perfect blend of fuel efficiency, performance, and durability.

What kind of transmission are your trucks equipped with?

All of the trucks in our fleet are equipped with automatic transmission for enhanced convenience and driver-friendliness. For those who want more control, we offer trucks with manual transmission as well, when available.