Company Non-Driving Jobs

Non-Driving Jobs.

At Nova Lines, we don’t only employ truck drivers but have a variety of non-driving positions filled by skillful and experienced professionals who ensure our operations run seamlessly 24/7. Their talent and commitment are what keep us going as they take care of crucially important business aspects including safety and maintenance.

  • Fleet Supervisor

    Our fleet supervisor ensures all documentation is up to the mark and verify vehicle inspection and maintenance prior to every dispatch. They also supervise regular repairs ensuring adherence to regional regulations and laws. Moreover, they monitor the fleet's operational expenses to manage and reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

  • Maintenance Manager

    With the primary job of optimizing efficiency and financial performance, the fleet manager looks after vehicle maintenance and overall cost-efficiency. They conduct research and use their expertise to expertly select trucks for lease or purchase that have a potential of the highest ROI. They also track driver routes and tracklogs.

  • Safety & Compliance Administrators

    Our safety and compliance administrators are responsible for creating and implementing safety and compliance policies in collaboration with our driver-partners, recruiters, and trainers. This also includes ensuring compliance with regional laws and regulations. They also need to ensure that they are up to date about evolving industry practices, standards, and safety legislation.

  • Driver Recruiter

    Driver recruiter goes through the profiles of hundreds of truck drivers to shortlist the best candidates and carry out interviews. They are responsible for checking the professional background of the candidates and ensuring they check all the boxes required to qualify for the job. After hiring, they also provide initial training to the drivers related to the company rules and compliance matters.

  • Diesel Technician / Mechanic

    The diesel technician repairs trucks and ensures maintenance of diesel engines and all the internal components that provide assistance inefficient operation of the equipment. They also add other electronics such as emissions controls systems, timing mechanisms, and fuel regulators to improve overall efficiency.

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